Flow meters

For manual or semi-automatic filling of different fluids

Flow meters

FLUX flow meters constructed on the nutating disc principle (FMC), oval rotor (FMO) or the turbine principle (FMT), provide the right solution for every application. Depending on model and overall size they can be used on e.g. FLUX drum pumps or stationary e.g. in pipe lines.

Using the digital display unit FLUXTRONIC® for FMC and FMO filling and metering processes can be carried out for virtually all liquids with maximum precision and the greatest possible safety. In automatic mode there is the possibility of transmitting signals for control purposes. In this way differing processes can be regulated.

Technical data:

  • Flow rate: from 0,04 l/min*
  • Flow rate: to 380 l/min*
  • Viscosity: max. 500.000 mPas*
  • Operating pressure: max. 55 bar*
  • Housing materials: S, PP, PVDF, Al, ETFE
  • Available certificates: Ex, FOOD, FDA*

* dependent on model and medium

Quick and easy to select the right flow meter for your requirement

FLUX flow meters: