• Drum pump kits for cleaning agents and disinfectants

    FLUX offers a wide range of easy-to-use drum pump kits for emptying, decanting, mixing and filling cleaning agents and disinfectants.

    We offer our drum pump kits in standard designand in Ex version for flammable media. All common alcohols such as isopropanol, propanol, ethanol and end products such as hand disinfectants can be processed safely.

    Our experienced staff will be pleased to assist you in selecting the most suitable solution for your specific application.

    Overview drum pump kits for cleaning agents and disinfectants

  • 70-Years-FLUX

    70 years of the electric drum pump, 70 years of the FLUX brand - celebrate with us!

    Come with us on a journey through time and experience 7 decades of electric drum pumps and 7 decades of the FLUX brand over 7 months.

    Enjoy various anniversary discounts in Germany for 7 months from March to September.*

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    *Country-specific promotions are available at participating FLUX partners.

  • FLUX pumps, systems and accessories.

    • Complete range of industries: from chemicals and industry to food and pharmaceuticals.
    • Tailored examples of the use of pumps with many different media that have a wide range of viscosities.
    • Drum-emptying system or filling: Which pump for which sector?
    • The optimum pump for your application: quickly find the right solution here.


  • FLUX Pump Technology - even for demanding liquids

    • From the inventor of the world's first electric drum pump
    • Conveying, emptying, circulating, mixing, dosing
    • Individual solutions for your requirements
    • Extensive product range
    • Competent expert advice on site
    • Made in Germany


  • VISCOFLUX mobile S

    New mobile drum emptying system, specifically designed for use in pharmaceutical, food and comsetics industries.

    • For pumping demanding, high-viscosity media out of drums
    • Highly efficient drum emptying
    • High process safety
    • Mobile use
    • Low space requirement
    • Designed for use in hygienic areas
    • Easy cleaning

    More informations

  • FLUX Drum and Container pumps Brochure

    • Now even clearer and more informative
    • Worth knowing about the pump type selection
    • All pump types of the series 400 – ideal for low-viscosity media
    • Suitable motors, additional products, accessories and pump kits
    • Pump types of series 300 - for smaller quantities
    • Customized all-in solutions and custom made design


  • MINIFLUX with Ex-certification

    For pumping out of IBCs

    • Suitable for use in explosion hazard areas zone 1
    • Allows pumping directly from floor outlets, even when containers are stocked
    • Significantly higher flow rate and pressure compared to draining by gravity
    • Minimal space requirement
    • Low overall weight of 1.2 kg