Double diaphragm pumps

Double diaphragm pumps from ARO® of the PRO, EXPERT and FDA series as well as special pumps

ARO<sup>®</sup> Double diaphragm pumps

The compressed air-driven diaphragm pumps from ARO® provide a flexible solution for pumping products ranging from clean, slightly viscous materials to corrosive, abrasive, medium-viscosity media as well as coarse-grained solids. You stand to gain from industry-leading efficiency, reliability and tried-and-tested performance. All ARO® double diaphragm pumps are available with folded diaphragms, delivering longevity and less maintenance.

ARO® also supplies a large choice of very varied materials, connections and versions with FDA approval for hygiene applications and ATEX certification for areas protected against explosion (CE Ex II 2GD X).

We also supply a large choice of special pumps, such as powder pumps, high-pressure pumps, pumps with flap valves and an extensive range of accessories.

Selection of all Double diaphragm pumps


  • Seal-free construction
  • Gentle transfer of liquids
  • Little material wear
  • Ability to run dry for short periods
  • Mobile use
  • Self-priming
  • Simple installation


  • Productivity:
    The pumps stand for maximum performance, through a maximized throughput in combination with minimal pulsation with low air consumption.

  • Versatility:
    The pumps can be specially adapted to your applications through many connection options.

  • Reliability:
    The pumps offer reliable, carefree operation thanks to the lubrication-free, patented differential valve, both on the main air valve and on the SimulShift (pilot valve) and at any time "Fluid On Demand" (liquid on request.

  • Environmentally friendly:
    The pumps offer maximum chemical resistance and leakage protection thanks to the screw construction in conjunction with a large number of material options.

  • Maintainability:
    The pumps minimize repair times and costs through a simple modular structure, fewer components and easy-to-use repair kits.

The double diaphragm pumps from ARO® are available in metallic and non-metallic materials:

Non-metallic materials Polypropylene, conductive Polypropylene, Acetal, PVDF and conductive PVDF
Metallic materials Aluminium, Cast iron, Stainless steel and Hastelloy

The patented ARO® air motor technology:

  1. SimulShift ™ valve:
    Prevents the pumps from coming to a standstill - enables faster switching with larger flow rates.

  2. Unbalanced” main air valve:
    No pump downtime even with low inlet air pressures.

  3. “D” valve for optimum energy efficiency while avoiding costly “compressed air losses”. Ceramic construction for a long service life.

  4. Quick Dump™ Exhaust Valves:
    Prevent pump freezing by diverting cold and humid exhaust air from the main air valve.

Overview of the double diaphragm pumps:

  • Diaphragm pumps from the EXP series with connection sizes of 1/4” to 3”:
    The pump with the lowest overall costs on the diaphragm pump market and the number one choice amongst process professionals. With delivery quantities of up to 1041 l/min and a huge choice of material configurations.

  • Diaphragm pumps from the PRO series with connection sizes of 1/4” to 3”:
    The industrial pumps from the PRO series offer first-class services and operational reliability thanks to their unbalanced start valve. Delivery quantities of up to 897 l/min are achieved.

  • Diaphragm pumps from the FDA series for hygiene applications
    ARO® SD series for rapid dismantling enable rapid inspection and maintenance — followed by speedy recommissioning. ARO® PM series is ideally suited to applications requiring fluid connections, which can be disconnected at speed.

An overview of the special pumps:

  • High-pressure pumps for applications requiring a liquid pressure of more than the 6.9 bar, which standard pumps produce.
  • Powder pumps for rapid, clean transfer and handling of dry powders.
  • Pumps with flap valves for pumping semi-solids with a max. diameter of 2” (51 mm) and solids with a max. diameter of 3/4” (19 mm).

Overview Industry sectors

Paints and lacquers
Paints and lacquers
Surface technology
Surface technology
Water treatment
Water treatment

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