Air-operated diaphragm pumps

Self-priming pumps also for pumping abrasive media

Air-operated diaphragm pumps

FLUX air-operated diaphragm pumps are self-priming and protected against dry running. The pumps are distinguished for their versatility and can be used for virtually all types of media. Available in heavy duty (RFM) or injection-moulded/cast (FDM) version for a huge diversity of applications they are designed for high pressures of up to 8 bars and in addition to other properties they are outstanding for their ease of handling.

The 100 % start-up guarantee in every shut-down position guarantees reliability and safe operation. The flow is infinitely variable via the air pressure. In addition the flow rate is easy to calculate. As a result of the integrated silencer the compressed air-operated diaphragm pumps are low noise. In addition the pumps are low-maintenance, in particular if used for pure media.

Technical data:

  • For containers: ~ 1000 l IBCs, tanks > 1000 l, as process pump
  • Delivery rate: max. 1.040 l/min*
  • Delivery head: max. 200 mwc*
  • Viscosity: max. just capable of flowing*
  • Operating pressure: max. 8,6 bar*
  • Suction head dry: max. 4,5 m*
  • Suction head product-filled: max. 9,5 m*
  • Housing Materials RFM:
    • PP, PTFE
  • Housing Materials FDM:
    • PP, AC, PVDF, AL, S, GG
  • Available certificates: Ex*, FDA*

* dependent on pump model, medium and motor