FLUX Pumps for the Water treatment sector

Water treatment

Sewage, oils and polymers, acids, alkalis and concentrates: the boundaries between water and waste water are literally fluid. However, there is no room for compromise when it comes to wastewater treatment plants and the treatment plants of companies: the only relevant factor here is the highest possible quality of water with low tolerances.

To ensure compliance with the health and environmental standards, they rely on high-performance pumps that pump out the wastewater from electroplating production plants, for example, and filter out dirt particles. The FLUX pump and filter systems offer proven solutions that can be configured to any requirements profile.

Application examples

  • Acid wastewater
  • Caustic water
  • Citric acids
  • Concentrations
  • Condensate water
  • Different acids
  • Drain water
  • Ferric chloride
  • Flocculants
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Polymer
  • Sewage
  • Wastewater
  • Water

Application descriptions

Pumping out electroplating wastewater

Larger volumes of electroplating wastewater require pumping from a sump to a neutralisation basin. The wastewater contains acids and alkalis as well as dirt particles.

Centrifugal immersion pump F 640 PP
Three-phase motor
For the apllication designed accessories on request

Application description:
Our centrifugal immersion pumps are ideal for pumping and circulating larger volumes of low viscosity media, which may also be of an aggressive or abrasive nature. They are immersed in the medium with the motor remaining above the surface of the liquid. Continuous operation is possible with our centrifugal immersion pumps and they can, of course, operate at different immersion depths.

In this case, wastewater flows to the sump in which our centrifugal immersion pump F 640 PP is installed via various channels. The liquid is pumped into a neutralisation basin for further treatment. Dirt particles are retained at the bottom of the pump by a sieve. Level monitoring means that pumping from the sump can be automated.

Pumping of wastewater and abrasive slurries

Various abrasive residues from slurries, wastewater and service water require pumping out of wastewater containers, tanks and storage tanks.

Air-operated diaphragm pumps RFM 25 and RFM 40 with flap valves
For the application designed accessories on request

Application description:
With their solid construction, the self-priming FLUX air-operated diaphragm pumps in the RFM series can also be used with viscous media, making them ideal for pumping wastewater and slurries that contain particles.

Our air-operated diaphragm pumps demonstrate their tried-and-tested quality wherever abrasive particles such as grains of sand come into play. Since the RFM series pumps do not contain any rotating parts, the medium friction is low. This means that the abrasiveness effect is also much lower.

Handling is simple. Our pumps restart reliably in any shut-down position. This ensures high operational reliability with minimal maintenance costs. Pumping pressures of up to 8 bars can be achieved meaning that, in spite of the compact design, an excellent pump capacity is possible.

The flow rate can be controlled extremely accurately by means of an air volume setting on the compressed air motor. The integrated silencer also makes our RFM series air-operated diaphragm pumps quiet.