FLUX Pumps for the Pharmaceutical sector


When it comes to health and safety, there is no room for compromise at FLUX. That is why the absolute product safety and purity of filled batches are a top priority for us when filling, decanting, or metering pharmaceutical products. The wide range of requirements is just as broad as the selection of different containers.

Whether creams, ointments, or raw materials: we bring our extensive experience to bear wherever reliable, individual solutions are required. Your requirement is our benchmark. We are thus able to implement what others only promise: a filling process that is precisely tailored to your needs – with efficiency and without any side effects.

Application examples

  • Cremes
  • Diverse Alcohols
  • Diverse basic elemets
  • Diverse concentrates
  • Oils
  • Ointments

Application descriptions

Removal of salves and creams from drums

A wide variety of salves and creams must be pumped from 200-litre drums into the supply containers of a tube-filling machine

Drum-emptying system VISCOFLUX mobile S
Eccentric worm-drive pump F 560 TR
Spur gear drive motor
For the application designed accessories on request

Application description:
The VISCOFLUX mobile S drum-emptying system is ideally suited for filling high-viscosity, pasty media such as salves or creams that are not capable of flowing on their own. The system comprising a follower plate and the F60S eccentric worm-drive pump fills the often quite viscous mass into the supply container of the tube-filling machine; the residual amount in the drum is less than 1%.

Quantity presetting for very flexible operation is optionally possible. The filling speed can also be determined by rotational speed control. If a drum is not completely emptied, no fluid can escape because the rest remains securely closed by the follower plate. In the meantime, the process device can be removed. With the integrated maintenance-free battery, the system can also be moved up and down without a power outlet – an advantage if there is no power outlet within reach, as is usual in cleaning sites.