FLUX Pumps for Paints and Lacquers

Paints and Lacquers

The production of paints and lacquers also follows a clear structure: each production step influences the next and determines the quality of the final product. Gloss, adhesion, viscosity – every parameter counts. However, everything depends on the filling or decanting process at the end of the chain.

If there are equipment deficiencies, this can lead to poor filling or decanting, which in turn will quickly undo all the previous good work. Rely on the knowledge of professionals – FLUX is very well-acquainted with the challenges of your industry and has the optimum solution for your individual requirements.

Application examples

  • Acetone
  • Binder
  • Color for crack testing
  • Dispersion plaster
  • Ethanol
  • Lacquers
  • Mettylenchlorid
  • Paints
  • Polyester-based paints
  • Printing inks
  • Solvents
  • Solvent-based paints
  • Toluene
  • Water-based paints

Application descriptions

Filling of viscous dispersion plaster

Viscous dispersion plaster requires filling with a pump from a production vessel into 10 litre buckets. Measurement is done by a floor scale.

Eccentric worm-drive pump F 550 S
Three-phase motor
For the application designed accessories on request

Application description:
An F 550 S eccentric worm-drive pump with bearing flange is the perfect solution for high-viscosity media. This is first positioned in the production vessel using the mounting bracket by a forklift truck such that the pumping process can take place.

The eccentric worm-drive pump pumps the medium via a PVC hose into the bucket placed on a floor scale. When the scale shows the correct value, the F 550 is switched off manually.

The eccentric worm-drive pump is tried-and-tested, even with abrasive media, since it pumps the medium in a laminar way without turbulence. A hardened or hard chrome-plated screw is then the ideal solution making long runtimes and a long service life also achievable.

Our F 550 series eccentric worm-drive pumps work at comparatively low noise levels.

Pumping of various finger paints

The finger paints require pumping from various containers, e.g. buckets, lidded pails, drums or IBCs, via an existing pipe system, or through hoses, into a processing plant.

Air-operated diaphragm pump FDM 25 with stainless steel balls
Optional: pulsation damper
For the application designed accessories on request

Application description:
Finger paints are fairly thick to paste-like and sometimes thixotropic. These media do not flow into a pump freely.

Since our self-priming air-operated diaphragm pumps with compressed air motor can also draw in and pump viscous media, these are ideal for use in this scenario, especially the injection moulded version from our FDM series. It makes no difference what type of container the medium is being drawn in from. The medium is pumped into the intended container, or system in this case, via a pipe and/or hose system.

Since the viscosity of the medium strongly increases the counter-pressure with small diameters, which then often renders cost-effective pumping impossible, a minimum pipe diameter of 1" is absolutely imperative for the finger paints. Therefore, the FDM 25 type air-operated diaphragm pump.

The feed pressure is almost as high as the air pressure created at the motor. Up to 8 bars are possible. The paints are only subjected to minimal shear forces which makes very gentle pumping possible.

Pulsations, in other words uneven medium flow, can optionally be balanced out with a pulsation damper.

Our FDM air-operated diaphragm pump can be switched on and off by opening and closing the compressed air supply. Alternatively, with a valve that simply closes the pipe/hose system at the pump end. In this scenario the air-operated diaphragm pump simply stops.

This means that the flow rate can be stopped and restarted at the pipe or hose end by closing and opening the valve. Operating personnel are therefore able to work a certain distance away from the pump.

Filling of various solvents

Various solvents require filling into canisters from IBCs with predefined fill quantities.

Drum pump F/FP 430 S Ex with mechanical seal
Commutator motor F 460-1 Ex
Flow meter FMC 100 
FSV 121-1 switched-mode amplifier
Universal hose DN 21 
For the application designed accessories on request

Application description:
Before using our drum pumps, there was a process in place for emptying the IBC.  In this process, the canisters were manually placed under the valve and the latter was then opened. This method frequently led to the canisters being over or underfilled. This should now be prevented.

The FLUX F 430 S Ex drum pumps with mechanical seal and appropriate Ex certification are perfect for low-viscosity, particularly aggressive and highly flammable media.

The actual filling process is performed by a semi-automatic filling system specially designed for the application. It consists of drum pump, motor, flow meter, FLUXTRONIC® evaluation electronics, and switched-mode amplifier.

With the external FLUXTRONIC® evaluation electronics, the responsible employee can automatically fill the predefined quantity selected at the push of a button. After the filling process, the drum pump switches itself off and the process can be repeated. Over and underfilling is excluded.