Progressive cavity pump VISCOPOWER TR - Hygienic

For the horizontal use in the hygienic area

Branch: CosmeticsBranch: PharmacyBranch: Food

The FLUX progressive cavity pump VISCOPOWER TR - Hygienic in horizontal version is perfect for containers that are not accessible from the top. It is used to pump thin to highly viscous, pasty, still flowing meda. The positive displacement pump works with little turbulences, at constant pressure and ensures a smooth, pulsation-free pumping. The pump can be mounted on a trolley or a console and can be used mobile or sationary, has only a few components and can be easily dismantled.

  • Application areas: 3A  
  • Application areas: FDA  
  • Application areas: Food  

Technical data:

  • Flow rate: max. 80 l/min
  • Flow pressure: max. 15 bar
  • Viscosity: min. 1 mPas - max. 100.000 mPas
  • Outer tube diameter: min. 53 mm - max. 53 mm
  • Length: 400
  • Materials outer tube: Stainless steel
  • Seal: Closed mechanical seal
  • Container: Container with floor drain

Product attributes

  • For containers which are not accessible from above
  • Positive displacement pump
  • Smooth pumping and with very little turbulences
  • Low pulsation in relation to the flow
  • Comprehensive modular system
  • Also available with variable speed adjustment (transfer proportional to speed)  
  • Pump/shaft/rotor can be dismantled
  • Bearing flange between motor and shaft
  • Drive by three-phase motor, gear motor or FPM compressed-air motors
  • Closed mechanical seal
  • Shaft in stainless steel
  • Rotor in stainless steel
  • The pump is installed dry, i.e. it is not in the medium
  • Different stator materials are available: NBR white, FKM, PTFE
  • 100% Made in Germany


  • Wide range of viscosity can be covered
  • Smooth pumping of thick, shear-sensitive and hardly flowable media
  • Also sensitive media and solid components can be pumped
  • Optimal for viscous self-flowing media
  • Transfer at constant pressure
  • Can be adjusted individually on the media's characteristics
  • Flow rate adjustable (in combination with frequency-controlled three-phase motor)
  • Flow rate easy to calculate
  • Intuitive and quick to disassemble and clean
  • Efficient use of medium
  • High efficiency
  • Available with 3A certificate
  • Explosion-protection version available
  • Available as FLUX FOOD pump