FLUX trainee report

Trip to the Porsche Museum and stadium viewing 2015

On Wednesday 30 July 2015 the time had come around at last; our annual trainee outing was just round the corner. Meeting point and time was the FLUX-GERÄTE GMBH company site at 8:45 h. Originally an adventure day in Murgtal had been planned with river-bed trekking followed by soft rafting.

As was the case last year our outing literally fell into the water again this year due to the heavy rain the day before and subsequent flood waters in the Black Forest region. We therefore had to look for a replacement programme at short notice. This did not turn out to be easy.

After much deliberation there was a choice of the following destinations:

  1. Mercedes Benz Museum
  2. Porsche Museum
  4. VFB Stuttgart stadium tour
  5. Stuttgart Airpotz

Eventually our decision fell to the Porsche Museum followed by the VIP stadium tour at VFB Stuttgart.

So it began; the first stage of the route with our hired car taking us to a baker's shop. Here we purchased refreshments for under way. Just as we started to think that things could only get better the next problem took us by surprise. A warning lamp in the car started flashing with the message that there was too much oil in the engine. Oh great - that's all we need.


We drove to the next lay-by and called the car rental company; they reckoned we should check the oil level manually and call them back. No sooner said than done. When we checked it turned out that the oil level really was too high. So we called the car rental company for the second time. In spite of the excessive oil level they gave us the go ahead to continue our journey.

After all these tribulations we eventually arrived safe and sound at the Porsche Museum.
At the Porsche Museum more than 80 vehicles and numerous smaller objects are exhibited in a unique atmosphere. In addition to world-famous automotive icons such as the 356, 911 or 917 the great engineering achievements of Professor Ferdinand Porsche from the early 20th century are also on display. Because ever since that time the Porsche name has stood for the aspiration never to settle for a technical solution which does not uncompromisingly fulfil all expectations and is thus still capable of improvement.

After the visit to the Porsche Museum our stomachs were rumbling and so we took a short break at the Palm Beach bar for refreshments.

Once we had treated ourselves to a snack the journey continued to the Mercedes Benz Arena for the VIP stadium tour. First off the guide took us to the box seating and VIP area of the Mercedes Benz Arena. In the VIP area we were greeted with a welcome drink.

We then continued to the press room and after that to the tunnel from where we were able to march onto the pitch accompanied by the VFB Stuttgart theme music. We viewed the stadium from the player perspective and took our seats on the reserves bench. The guide finished the tour of the stadium with the highlight of a visit to the changing rooms.

We arrived back at the company site at approximately 18:15 h. We all enjoyed it very much and are looking forward to the next trainee outing next year.